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高三英语Unit 3 Computers复习

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概要:核心词汇1.Where can I____________(下载)the exercises from the Internet?2.More problems like those at the nuclear power plant are certain to____________(出现).3.During the winter holidays,I____________(辅导)some students for English exams.4. They achieved their____________(目标)of increasing sales by five percent.5.It is such a hard problem that it is impossible for me to____________(解决).6.Money does not always bring____________(幸福).7.These changes are due to an increase in the carbon dioxide in th

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1.Where can I____________(下载)the exercises from the Internet?

2.More problems like those at the nuclear power plant are certain to____________(出现).

3.During the winter holidays,I____________(辅导)some students for English exams.

4. They achieved their____________(目标)of increasing sales by five percent.

5.It is such a hard problem that it is impossible for me to____________(解决).

6.Money does not always bring____________(幸福).

7.These changes are due to an increase in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial____________(革命).

8.There is another kind of beauty that has nothing to do with____________(外貌),but comes from the heart.

9.It is just her childhood experiences that affect her____________(性格)and later life.

10.After the president made an official announcement,he expressed his____________opinion.____________speaking,I agreed with his opinion.(personal)

11.I would like to____________for the job advertised in the newspaper,so I have sent my____________before July 20,2010.(apply)

12.Can you say that dolphins are much more____________than other animals?Well,they are animals of high____________and they can communicate.(intelligent)

1.download 2.arise 3.coached 4.goal 5.solve 6.happiness 7.Revolution 8.appearance 9.character 10.personal;Personally 11.apply;application 12.intelligent;intelligence


1.________________ 从……时起

2.________________ 结果

3.________________ 如此……以致于

4.________________ 在某种程度上

5.________________ 在……的帮助下

6.________________ 处理;安排;对付

7.________________ 看守;监视

8.________________ 共有;共用

9.________________ 弥补

10.________________ 毕竟

1.from...on 2.as a result 3.so...that 4.in a way 5.with the help of 6.deal with 7.watch over 8.in common 9.make up 10.after all


1.____________,I was made smaller.


2.I developed very slowly and__________nearly two hundred years________I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.


3.____________my memory has developed so much that,like an elephant,I never forget________________!


4.And my memory became________large________even I couldn’t believe it!


5.________,my goal is to provide humans with a life____________.


1.As time went by 2.it took;before 3.Over time;anything I have been told 4.so;that 5.Anyhow;of high quality

1.totally adv. 完全地,整个地

(回归课本P18)As a result I totally changed my shape.




①I totally agree with you.


②(朗文P2182)In total,over 250 employees completed the safety training.


③The plan was a total failure.


④A total of 100 teachers will attend the meeting.



1.—Do you know how many students took part in the sports meet?

—About 400________.

A.all together       B.after all

C.in total D.at total

解析:选C。表达“总共,完全”可以使用下列短语:altogether,in all或in total。

2.arise vi. 出现;发生;起身,起床

(回归课本P23)Then she prepares reliable moves to use if a new situation arises.




①(朗文P89)More problems like those at the nuclear power plant are certain to arise.


②A great idea arose in her mind.


③Accidents often arise from carelessness.




原形 过去式 过去分词 v.¬ing

arise(vi.)出现,发生,起因于 arose arisen arising

arouse(vt.)唤醒,激起 aroused aroused arousing

rise(vi.)升起,起身,增长,上升 rose risen rising

raise(vt.)举起,唤起,提高,饲养 raised raised raising

We were watching the children raising the national flag,and saw it rising slowly in the wind,which aroused our patriotic(爱国的)minds.




We should always keep in mind that accidents________ ________ ________while driving.

答案:arise from carelessness

3.anyhow adv. 无论如何;即使如此

(回归课本P18)Anyhow,my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality.




①(朗文P76)Anyhow,we have plenty of time to plan ahead.


②It’s too expensive and anyhow(=anyway) the color doesn’t suit you.(而且)


③I’m afraid we can’t come,but thanks for the invitation anyhow(=anyway).(即使这样)


④Anyhow(=Anyway),let’s forget about that thing for the moment!(无论如何)


【温馨提示】 somehow表示“以某种方式;不知怎么地”,与anyhow意义不同。

⑤Somehow,I don’t feel I can trust him.


4.signal vi.& vt.发信号

n. 信号

(回归课本P23)For example,I have learned to signal to my teammates in computer language to give me the ball when I am open and have a good shot for a goal.




①(2009年高考湖北卷)In our class,when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book,it was a signal for everyone to stand up.


②(牛津P1865)She signalled (to) him to follow.


③He signalled that it was time to leave.



3.—What did our teacher do?

—He raised his arm as a(n)________for us to stop.

A.signal         B.reality

C.application D.goal


4.(2010年龙岩一检)The door and the windows were all closed and there was no________of forced entry.

A.scene B.signal

C.sign D.sight


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